Get to know your black, broke, vegans!

We are twins that decided to become vegan together in August of 2017. To answer your twin questions: no we don't look alike, Britany was born first, our names are not similar, and we do not live together. One lives in the Detroit area and the other in the DMV (D.C., Maryland and Virginia). Each of use had our own reasons as to becoming vegan so read below to find out about each of us.



A little about me I am a single mother of a lovely daughter #blackgirlmagic so I’m always following a budget, and need the best deals possible. Why am I vegan? I have been asked this several times if not daily. One simple answer not the typical one… Challenge. I saw this as a mental challenge. It has taught me discipline and planning ahead. Once actually making the lifestyle change I experienced the numerous health benefits that followed. I lost weight, have more energy and my skin is amazing #flawless lol Ask anyone that’s knows me they would tell you Elyse = steak but I actually don’t miss it! What I can tell you for me personally that has been the biggest hurdle was not the meat it has been dressings/sauces, cheese and sweets.  So I am always taste testing to find the ultimate equivalent, and I will be sharing with all of you what I can find.

Know this it takes time becoming vegan it’s not an overnight thing. I am still new to this, I’m a “vegan virgin” not a seasoned veg just yet.  With anything in life you have to be patient and power on.  A slip up or two ;-) along the way won’t kill you. Just dust off and get back on track.

I am currently a PhD student in Sociology were I focus on social inequality and criminology. Being a graduate student you are BROKE therefore I am all about sales, coupons, and sticking to my budget. I also LOVE to cook and I hate the vegan food is always branded as bland or tasteless. These recipes have to tried on meat eaters and most of the time they did not even know it was vegan.


Why did I go vegan?

I became vegan for two main reasons First, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) when I was 30. If you have IBS, you know that it can be horrible and painful. You have triggers that exacerbate it but you have to figure it out for yourself. I quickly figured out that dairy products had to go. I soon realized (through a lot of painful trial and error) that processed foods weren’t tummy friendly and I felt a lot better without meat either. So bam! I became vegan. The second reason is that animal farming and agriculture is detrimental to low-income communities of color which typically are located near big farm. They have high rates of illness, cancer, and their community's infrastructure is usually subpar. I am a self-identified scholar activist, therefore if I am going to fight for social justice, I should in all aspects of my life #blacklivesmatter #blackgirlmagic